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I have been teaching quilting and design classes for many years and I enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills. In my workshops I encourage students to develop personal interpretations of class projects.  Understanding and exploring art and design principles is an important companion in the creative process and this aspect is always present in my classes. I promote a teaching environment that inspires learning, communication and sharing of ideas and that is also positive, stimulating and open-minded.

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A Contemporary South African Spirit
The Fibreworks Group
Inspiration, Perspiration And Evaluation
In and Out of Africa

All slide lectures are 50 – 60 minutes.

A Contemporary South African Spirit
The work of innovative South African quiltmakers is shown in wonderful full view and close-up details.  Odette discusses the ideas and visions expressed in many inspirational quilts from the southern tip of the African continent.  She will also talk about the fabrics, techniques and sources of design.

The Fibreworks Group
Fibreworks is a group of South African artists who use the medium of fibre and textile for personal artistic expression.  From a small group formed in 1997 in Durban,  Fibreworks now has over 50 members who exhibit regularly in South Africa and internationally.  This slide-show reveals a cohesive yet diverse group working with a variety of media, techniques and subject matter.  Many stimulating and inspiring works will be discussed showing both the overall artwork and close-up details.

Inspiration, Perspiration and Evaluation
Odette’s creative energy has been focused on making distinctive art quilts since the early 1980’s.  Several of her quilts will be discussed to show how the creative process evolves in each work.  She’ll share her personal ideas, inspirations and techniques, the various choices and decisions that have to be made to finally complete a quilt and the inevitable doubt and uncertainty that is part of the process.

In and Out of Africa
Quiltmakers are endlessly inspired by their surroundings and environment as are other creative people.  These slides represent quilts inspired by diverse aspects of living in Africa.  They show personal views - from the rich heritage of African arts, crafts, textiles and people to the great variety of landscapes, plants and animals.

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