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the chair-isihlalo no.1 the chair-isihlalo no.2  354 the chair-isihlalo no.3   002
on the edge no.1. 010 on the edge no.2. 009 on the edge no.3. 0452
some heaven some earth no.1.   017 some heaven some earth no.3 . 015 hot earth. 016

This class is about working in a series and the connections between each work in a series.  The connection may be in the design, the colours, the concept, a particular fabric or something else that intrigues you and calls for further exploration.
We will discuss how to start a series and how to continue the process.  We’ll also look at the work of artists who have worked in a series.

Students begin with small fabric studies using fusible web and may either continue this process for the duration of the workshop or use their studies to start full-size quilts using any techniques and fabrics they feel comfortable with or want to experiment with.

Come to class with some ideas, keeping in mind that works in a series have some characteristics in common which connect them to each other.

Sewing machine required.

LENGTH OF CLASS : 1, 2, 3 or 4 Days
Intermediate to Advanced