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Develop confidence to achieve strong compositions more consistently in your quilts by understanding the elements and principles of design and what effects and purposes they have.
You will be guided through a series of design exercises that explore various ways to arrange shapes, lines, colours and textures, plus many other important aspects of design.

Create small quilts, A3 to A4 size using fused fabrics - NO sewing machine is required for this class.  Students of all levels, working in traditional, innovative and art styles, have found the practical knowledge learnt in this class to be valuable, accessible and effective.  

The class includes constructive individual guidance and discussions as well as interactive group discussions and review of work done in class.

NO sewing machine is required for this class.

2 Days (half the course) or 4 Days (the complete course).
Suitable for all - Beginners to Advanced

I can give this workshop as a 2 Day or 4 Day class.  Different topics are covered on each day, with new exercises / projects.