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This workshop is for intermediate to advanced students who create art with fabrics, textiles and fibres, in any style –  traditional, innovative or art,  and would like feedback about their work in a supportive small group.  Odette will lead and facilitate the interactive discussions in an encouraging and constructive atmosphere.  The intention is to guide class participants to develop further as artists by clarifying artistic goals, understanding strengths and weaknesses regarding your artwork and by sharing problems and solutions.

Each person will give a short slide or digital presentation of their work, after which we will discuss the work. The presentation should include a clear summary about why, how and what you are trying to achieve in your artwork. This could include your successes, problems, influences, aspirations and insights. Bring 3 - 5 actual works as well.  Come prepared to listen, contribute ideas to the discussions and learn from each other.

NB Please Note       : Maximum 6 students in One Day class
Student Skill Level   : Intermediate to Advanced