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Pentimento   2008

This work is about re-working pieces of cloth that had been used before for various other purposes before they all came together here.  The re-working continues the history and the story of each cloth. Pentimento is a painting term for the signs of re-working or a change of mind or concealed mistake by the artist in executing the picture.
Wool blanket (from Australia),  mulberry bark cloth (from Tonga),  ficus bark cloth (Uganda),  cotton flour bags (Canada),  kimono offcuts (Japan),  hand-printed cotton (South Africa),  off-cuts from my previous work,  organza (?)
Machine stitching

Size: 48 x 74 cm

Circles 1 2003

Image Unavailable


Size: 50 x 70 cm


Broken Bones and Ladders   1998

broken bones and ladders. 012


This quilt continues my exploration of narrow, curved, sinuous lines in a composition. These lines are contrasted with large areas of solid colour  broken up with textures of raw edge seams, big stitch quilting with embroidery thread and textured hand dyed fabric.

The title refers to my recent "Backbone" series and also to my husband's unfortunate accident which occured while I was making the quilt.

Hand dyed and commercial cottons
Machine pieced, hand quilted
Hand quilted by Inge Lailvaux

Size: 78 x 78 cm

Flow and Flow   2005

flow  flow180

My thoughts of the continual and ever-changing flow and rhythm of our lives is represented in this work.  When emotions, relationships, creative ideas, even my car and cappucinno machine, flow along in smooth streams, it feels good and the world seems radiant and clear.

iIn my design which interprets this concept I’ve returned to a visual theme which holds great attraction to me and which has appeared  regularly in various forms in previous work : this is the theme of many narrow strips of colour contrasted against large solid areas of colour.

I relish the process of choosing, observing and assessing each colour, it’s shape and size and the effects of juxtaposition.

Fabrics : silk and cotton
Hand applique
Hand quilted with pearl embroidery thread.

Size: 24 x 24 cm

Image Unavailable
Size: 66 x 67 cm

Shadow Traces   2002

shadow traces. dscf3609
Size: 60 x 75 cm

Endless Migration   1993

endless migration

Cotton, cotton blends, silk, hand-dyed and painted fabric, bark cloth, gold embroidered rings.

Fused applique, hand applique, machine embroidery, machine quilting.

A close-up view of a craggy rock face - rugged, rough and textured, was my starting point for this work.  The spirals are moving, migrating across the surface of the quilt, an analogy of all the people who migrate endlessly between countries, cities and villages.

Size: 125 x 165 cm (49" x 65")

Sticks and Stones   1997

sticks  stones

The idea for this quilt came during a visit to Shakaland in Zululand. I was intrigued by the walls and structures made from tree branches and stones and found the shapes beautiful.

The shapes seemed just right to be interpreted in curved piecing.  My memory of the structure was also of texture and this is represented  in the quilt with areas of exposed raw seams as well as the hand dyed fabric and printed textures.

Hand dyed and commercial cottons,
Machine pieced and quilted

Size: 99 x 119 cm

Things Change No 1   1994

things change no.1. f10001


I made two works in this series at a time when I realized how things were changing around me, both in my personal life and in everyday life around me in South Africa.

I wanted to convey a sense of change being gradual and interlinked.  Sometimes I want to hide from the uncertainty of change and sometimes I seek it out for the excitement and variety it offers.

This quilt reflects change moving from the conventional pieced rectangles in the centre,  overlapped by the torn raw edged strips,  and moving out to the random shapes bound by more torn raw edged strips.

Size: 110 x 105 cm

Things Change No 2   1994

Size: 77 x 89

Ancient Textures   1992

ancient textures.023


Size: 107 x 106 cm

A Place to Return to   1993

a place to return to. 022


This is one of my first quilts using curved piecing.  I wanted to use the hand dyed fabrics which had visual textures and I added real texture with machine embroidered fringing around the “doorways”.  As this work developed, the design suggested an impression of being doorways to small dwellings that are a safe haven to their occupants.

Machine pieced, quilted and embroidered
Hand dyed and commercial fabrics

Size: top w. 118, bottom w.77 x 128 cm